Love, Lies and…..a Lot Less Personal

Love, Lies and Records
Kay Mellor’s “Love, Lies and Records” is causing positive ripples on the TV drama pond and, in my opinion, rightly so. As a state of the nation piece that was extensively researched by Mellor in the register offices of Huddersfield, York, Leeds and Wakefield, the first two episodes have offered beautifully crafted and fearless drama.
Last night’s episode (26.11.17) whilst deliciously de-railing the plans of the storyline’s ‘baddie,’ also provided the strongest warning to all brides and grooms who are currently making the choices that will shape their Wedding Day. For me, the moral of the story was clear.
Yes, your local registrar will be able to perform a marriage ceremony that is legally binding but, as highlighted so brilliantly by Mellor, last minute changes can occur and you could end up being married by someone who does not even know your gender prior to meeting you for two minutes at the obligatory pre-ceremony “confirmation of details.”
If this was not disquieting enough for those considering using a Registrar, as a professional Civil Celebrant, I must add that none of the narrow and unyielding restrictions that are placed on a Registrar led ceremony have been eased. In wedding terms, real freedom of choice comes only to the couples that elect to celebrate their union with a bespoke ceremony that is created just for them and performed at the venue of their choice.
Celebrant House is currently working on several such wedding ceremonies for clients, all of whom I have met at least once and am in regular email correspondence with. We discuss potential content and I use my creativity and experience to hone their ideas and bring them to life within the ceremony. During the time between our initial meeting and their Wedding Day, I get to know them. I get to know the names of their family members; their bridesmaids, their ‘Best Men’ and the names of their pets (two of which will play an important part in ceremonies I have just finished writing). Every ceremony that is created at Celebrant House will be unique, heartfelt and personal.
I have long been a devotee of Kay Mellor’s brilliant work but last night’s Love, Lies and Records not only entertained me, it made me realise just how impersonal a Registrar led wedding ceremony can actually be and how very glad I am to be able to offer my clients so much more.