Making it to the Milestones

wedding anniversaries

The milestone wedding anniversaries work as signposts along your journey and should be recognised and savoured. Ignoring them and continuing along the road without taking note and celebrating them with family and friends is almost like driving past the exit on a motorway. Yes, you are still going in the right direction but, in the back of your mind you
know that something which would make your journey more enjoyable, has been missed.

A tenth wedding anniversary celebration is a good place to start and is traditionally marked by giving gifts of tin or aluminium. Both materials represent the durability and flexibility needed to sustain a loving union.

However, much can change in a decade but if you two are still crazy in love then why not let the world know? A vow renewal ceremony held in your garden or your favourite restaurant can be a very special way to celebrate and can be tailored to suit your budget.

Fifteen (crystal) and twenty year (originally china but more recently platinum) wedding anniversaries are also very special events and if you don’t want to wait until the quarter of a century mark then a bespoke vow renewal ceremony, held in a beautifully decorated village hall, on a beach or in your favourite place can really add a little romantic magic to the celebrations.

Silver, ruby and gold anniversaries are always celebrated in style; evening parties, family luncheons or garden barbecues are often organised, the whole family come together and there is always a genuine feeling of unity and love. What better time to re-confirm the promises spoken long ago and what better way to re-live them than through a bespoke Ceremony which will be written for you both and performed at the venue of your choice? Celebrant House is always delighted to write and conduct vow renewal
ceremonies; you’ve made it to the milestone…. stop a while and let us help you celebrate.