A Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony

Questions and Answers

Someone has popped the question and the answer was “Yes”, however, our guess is that suddenly you have lots more questions that will need to be answered.

To help you decide if a Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony will be right for you, here are some questions that Celebrant House is frequently asked:

What is a wedding celebrant?

A wedding celebrant is a professionally trained and fully insured officiant, with the skills, experience and dedication to create completely bespoke and personalised ceremonies.

How does a ceremony with a wedding celebrant differ from a civil wedding ceremony conducted by a Registrar?
A Civil Celebrant is not bound by restrictions on the content, format or style that a Registrar led wedding is bound by and can, therefore, be completely personalised.
Most of the ceremonies that Celebrant House creates contain many of the elements that you and your guests would expect to see at a wedding; declaration, exchange of vows, promises and rings, but also contains beautiful details about the couple.

Participation through readings from family members and friends are encouraged; candle-lighting for those who meant so much but are no longer with us is sometimes appropriate as is the inclusion of children into the ceremony, especially when two families will be united to create a new bigger family through the union of marriage. By understanding that every couple is unique and that their love has a story, Celebrant House ensures that your ceremony will be a lasting a wonderfully happy memory for everyone involved.

Where can our ceremony be held?

As long as you have permission from the land or property owners, a Celebrant led ceremony can be held wherever you like. Most recently Celebrant House has created ceremonies that took place on the stage of a beautifully renovated theatre; private gardens, in an ancient woodland, a castle ruin, a Cornish beach, 3 privately owned stately homes, a village green and a rather smart, roof-top restaurant in Italy. What ever your dream wedding looks like and whatever your budget – Celebrant House will help you make it into reality.

Can couples add religious elements into the service?

Unlike Humanist Celebrants, who are not able to conduct ceremonies containing any religious elements, an independent Civil Celebrant can include as many religious or cultural elements as you wish.

Will Celebrant House create a ceremony for interfaith couples?

Yes. One of the greatest joys of creating a ceremony is including elements that reflect multi-cultural beliefs and traditions. Even as modern society blends people from different backgrounds together, individual roots remain important. The only way to include the vibrant colour and texture of different religious practices into your special day is through a Civil Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony.

What is the usual length of your ceremonies?

This is your ceremony and it will include all of the elements and readings you choose, therefore, how long the ceremony lasts, is also up to you. Celebrant House can assist you with selecting readings, adapt favourite passages or assist you to create your own declaration of love. For details of Special Ceremonial Elements please the menu page

Can we write our own Vows and Promises

The vows and promises are the most intimate and meaningful part of a ceremony. The promises you make should be based on who you both are, how you live your lives and the fundamental values you share. If you need help formulating all the words that are in your heart into vows, Celebrant House will be delighted to help you – together or individually.

Are there any restrictions to a Celebrant led Ceremony that a couple needs to be aware of?

As noted above there are no restrictions in terms of location, content, date, time or indeed duration of the ceremony. However, you will need to arrange to fulfil the legal requirement of signing the marriage register in the presence of a Registrar and two witnesses. The signing must be performed prior to the ceremony date but should take around 15 minutes. Simply book the signing room at your local registration office, take your two witnesses along, and sign the documents. This option saves both time and fees as the registrar does not need to conduct the full ceremony or reserve space for you at the registry office. However, if budget is not an issue and you would like to include the legal signing into the ceremony it can be incorporated by booking the registrar to attend to just oversee this aspect. Celebrant House will happily work alongside the Registrar allowing for the legal and celebratory elements to remain on the same day but are still personalised and without limitations.

What information does Celebrant House need to know from the couple before the day?

During a free, no obligation consultation all of your details and plans for your day will be established. These details will then be summarised translate into a document for you both to review. Once it is agreed that all of the important information has been captured you will be presented with a contract that both parties ( Celebrant House and
both of you) to sign at which time a deposit will be requested to secure the date. Once the deposit has been received along with the signed contract, Celebrant House will begin to create the ceremony and will send an emailed draft of the ceremony one month prior to the agreed date.