Thursday, 12 May 2016

In Dying Matters Week Make Sure You Give Your Final Gift 

It was Benjamin Franklin who said  “There are two certainties in life – death & taxes” and whilst some people have made some successful manoeuvres to avoid the latter, obtaining immortality remains rooted in mythology.
No one likes to think of that final moment when they will cease to be. Many people refuse to acknowledge that their death is inevitable and their avoidance of the subject is absolute. 

 The only premeditated action prior to death that has been regularly practiced throughout history, is the writing of one’s Last Will & Testament. Originally commented on by Plutarch, it was Solon, a lawmaker of ancient Greece, who laid the legal foundations of these first wills. The purpose of these documents was simply to ensure that land-title, wealth or power never fell outside the bloodline. 

Very little has changed and our focus still seems to be on the distribution of our worldly goods rather than making our end of life wishes known.

As a Civil Celebrant I work with many bereaved families who are faced with the task of making the funeral arrangements for a loved one. This process is never an easy one but those fortunate few who have been given the gift of information, either from a conversation shared prior to death or by generously written instructions left alongside or as part of the will of the deceased, find that a very difficult task is made easier.

This information is considered, by those who are bereaved, as the most precious of all gifts. Not only does it lift the burden of making choices at such a difficult time, it also allows them to make very personal arrangements which realise the final wishes of their beloved. I cannot think of a better final gift to give to the people I love…..can you?

Thursday, 5 May 2016

I do, Take Two! 

Vow Renewal Ceremonies for those that make it to the marriage milestones!

“Getting married is the easy part”. I remember a very wise lady telling me that nearly 3 decades ago. She was right. Planning the big day can be a stressful time; we so want it to be perfect but, believe me, sorting out the table plan or selecting the perfect wedding favour is a doddle compared to finding yet another sink full of dirty dishes after a very long day at the office or comforting your beloved when a trip to the hairdressers did not go as planned.

Marriage is a two way street; there will be traffic, roadworks and diversions but for those couples who work as a team and navigate it well, the journey will be long and worth making!

 The milestone wedding anniversaries work as signposts along your journey and should be recognised and savoured. Ignoring them and continuing along the road without taking note and celebrating them with family and friends is almost like driving past the exit on a motorway. Yes, you are still going in the general direction but, in the back of your mind you know that something, which would make your journey more enjoyable, has been missed.

A ten year wedding anniversary celebration is a good place to start. Much can change in a decade but if you two are still crazy in love then why not let the world know? A vow renewal ceremony held in your garden or your favourite restaurant can be a very special way to celebrate and can be tailored to suit your budget.

Fifteen and twenty year wedding anniversaries are also very special events and if you don’t want to wait until the quarter of a century mark then a bespoke vow renewal ceremony, held in a beautifully decorated village hall, on a beach or in your favourite place can really add a little romantic magic to the celebrations.

Silver, ruby and gold anniversaries are always celebrated in style; evening parties, family luncheons or garden barbecues are often organised, the whole family come together and there is always a genuine feeling of unity and love. What better time to re-confirm the promises spoken long ago and what better way to re-live them than through a bespoke Ceremony which will be written for you both and performed at the place of your choosing?

Celebrant House is always delighted to write and conduct vow renewal ceremonies; you’ve made it to the milestone…. stop a while and let us help you celebrate!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016



Kim Greenacre

I moved to Norfolk fifteen years ago after living & working abroad and since arriving here my itchy feet have been soothed. I love this region and the people in it.

After many years working with horses in competition and sanctuary environments I changed direction a decade ago and decided to get, what my mother would call, “a proper job”. 

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to plan weddings at a stately home in Suffolk, find myself managing a marketing and event team in South Norfolk and, most recently,

I experienced the wonder of working at the Woodland Burial Ground at Colney in Norfolk.

Since living here I have also been given the opportunity to flex my creative muscles and I now write for several magazines and have enjoyed the thrill of seeing my poetry published in three national collections. As with everything I do, my writing comes from the heart and I am always inspired by people and the lives they lead.

My ability to sum up what is happening in the world around me, capturing and immortalising the emotion and sense of occasion with words is a gift I am very grateful for and it is what inspired me to become a Family Celebrant. By training with The UK Society of Celebrants (UKSoC) to obtain the Family & Funeral Celebrant Diploma I am able to offer a professional and heartfelt service to all of my clients.

Celebrant House | Special Days

Some days are more special than others. Some days are set aside, kept separate from the ordinary and savoured. These very special days are spent celebrating the naming of a precious new life or a blissful union between two people. 

These days of joy are shared with friends and family who are permanently woven into the colourful fabric of family memories.

On other days we say goodbye; kith and kin gather again to commemorate the life of their loved one, pay their final respects and support each other through the bereavement journey.
We will all experience the events which form the circle of life and, whether joyful or sad, those events should be marked with a ceremony; a ceremony which is unique, special and created just for you.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

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